Major in Finance and Banking

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree (BSBA) with a major in Finance and Banking consists of 24 hours in addition to the College of Business core courses required for the BSBA degree. Twelve hours come from the structured finance and banking core, six hours come from Elective Set 1 and six hours come from Elective Set 2.

Core - Required (12 s.h.)
All classes three semester hours.

  • FIN 3690 Financial Management
  • FIN 3790 Banking and Financial Markets
  • FIN 3890 Survey of Investments
  • FIN 3990 Financial Analysis Using Computer Applications
  • FIN 4660 Advanced Financial Management

Total 12 s.h.

Elective Set 1 (6 s.h.)
All classes three semester hours.

  • FIN 4610 Commercial Bank Management
  • FIN 4750 International Business Finance
  • FIN 4620 Investment Management I*
  • FIN 4770 Derivatives and Financial Risk Management

Total 6 s.h.

Elective Set 2 (6 s.h.)
Courses in Elective Set 1 not taken as part of the 6-hour requirement may be used to meet the requirements in Elective Set 2. All classes three semester hours.

  • FIN 3100 Principles of Risk Mgt & Insurance
  • FIN 3850 Real Estate Principles and Practices
  • FIN 3900 Internship**
  • FIN 4622 Investment Management II*
  • FIN 4710 Issues in Bank Management
  • ACC 3100 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC 3110 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACC 3200 Cost Accounting
  • ECO 3020 Macroeconomic Analysis

Total 6 s.h.

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* FIN 4620 and FIN 4622 is a two-course sequence. Students taking FIN 4620 must take FIN 4622 immediately after FIN 4620. Student will earn grades and credit for both classes upon completion of FIN 4622. Students are admitted into FIN 4620 and FIN 4622 by permission of instructor only.

** FIN 3900 Internship is a 6 or 9 semester hour course, but only 3 of these semester hours may apply to meeting the requirements for the major.