Major in Risk Management and Insurance

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a major in risk management and insurance consists of 21 hours in addition to the College of Business core courses required for the BSBA degree. The course requirements for the risk management and insurance major are: twelve hours from the structured risk management and insurance core, nine hours from the sub-area, and six hours of electives from College of Business courses numbered 3000 or above.

All classes are three semester hours

Core (12 s.h.)

  • FIN 3100 Principles of Risk Mgt and Insurance
  • FIN 3600 Personal Insurance
  • FIN 4600 Commercial Insurance
  • FIN 4950 Risk Management

Electives Risk Management & Insurance (9 s.h.)

  • FIN 3690 Financial Management
  • Fin 3700 Employee Benefits
  • FIN 3890 Survey of Investments
  • FIN 3900 Internship
  • FIN 4700 Insurance Operations
  • FIN 4770 Derivatives and Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 4800 International Insurance Markets
  • ACC 3580 Individual Income Taxation
  • LAW 3960 Insurance Law (on demand)
  • MGT 3060 Opportunity and Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 3620 Human Resource Management
  • MKT 3052 Professional Selling
  • SCM 3660 Principles of Supply Chain Management

College of Business Electives 3000/4000 Level (6 s.h.) cannot use MGT 3010 or FIN 3010

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