Career Development -Suggested Action Items

The success of a long journey often depends on wise planning beforehand, whether that journey be a vacation or a person's career.

Below are a number of action items we suggest you consider as a part of your own proactive career development.

Suggested Action Items

  • Career Services for the COB: Become acquainted with the staff and the support they can offer you, e.g., career counseling, resume review, interviewing tips, job search assistance.
  • Career Paths: Choose your career path.
  • Network: Get to know and reach out to contacts related to your chosen career path. More
  • Job Skills: Find out what skills might set you apart and then work on developing these skills. More
  • Internships: Acquire practical experience via an internship or other employment.
  • Career Gear: Set up your account and regularly check for job opportunities of interest.
  • Interviewing: Practice and develop your interviewing skills. More
  • Career Related Events: Take advantage of career related events like guest speakers (e.g., FSA and RMI meetings), job fairs, and employer information sessions (Career Services' upcoming events).
  • Expand your employment or internship search beyond Career Gear. More
  • Current events: Stay abreast of current business news. More
  • GPA: Maintain a good GPA. Many employers use GPA as an initial gauge of a candidate's work ethic and aptitude.

Networking, Job Skills, etc.