Women in Financial Services

About the Initiative

The Department of Finance, Banking & Insurance within the Walker College of Business developed the Women in Financial Services Initiative in 2017. Appalachian State attracts a strong contingent of student women. In an effort to raise awareness of opportunities for women in banking, insurance, real estate and related fields, and to support financial literacy and confidence among our student women more broadly, we began our outreach efforts. 

The Women in Financial Services Initiative offers opportunities to explore potential career paths, build skills for success, and connect with other women industry professionals through:

  • Panel discussions 
  • Coaching seminars 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Company visits in Charlotte and New York City

The Initiative also offers opportunities to develop financial knowledge outside the classroom via:

  • Access to standardized financial literacy curricula and videos
  • Group workshops in personal financial planning 
  • One-to-one personal financial mentoring

Contact Us

 If you are interested in the Initiative, please contact the faculty co-leaders:

 Introduce yourself and let us know how we can support you!

Please Join Us At Our Upcoming Events

Appalachian Women in Financial Services Roundtable with Bank of America

Careers and Opportunities

Thursday, September 23rd, 4:30 - 5:30

Join Us in Person for a Livestream in PH 3020 or by Zoom (link below)


WIFS Bank of America Panel 9/23/21

Past Events


WIFS Webinar 2021