Alumni Spotlight: Ndjo Shosola

Ndjo Shosola '13 RMI
Middle Market Accounts Executive at Travelers Insurance (Charlotte, NC)

Ndjo Shosola learned about the opportunities within the risk management and insurance (RMI) major by chance. His college roommate received an email describing the scholarship opportunities within the major and Ndjo's interest was piqued. He attended the Brantley Risk and Insurance Center's semi-annual ShadowDay in Charlotte where students have the opportunity to see "a day in the life" - Ndjo was sold.

Looking back on his education, Ndjo sees that it was the faculty and staff within the major that really made his experience meaningful and helped him jump start on a career right after graduation. Ndjo also credits the travel opportunities he participated in through the Brantley Center for allowing him to gain soft skills and feel comfortable carrying himself in professional and networking environments.

Now, Ndjo feels very fortunate to be in an industry with so much to offer. "I enjoy the fact that, with insurance, you can never run out of things to learn." He wants current students to know that there is a huge number of career paths available to them in risk management, and it is an environment in which many people with many different backgrounds are welcome and are flourishing in their careers.

Ndjo Shosola
Published: Jul 21, 2019 8:50am