Bowden Investment Group Hosts Its First External Stock Pitch Competition

Reece Fisher and Brianna Gilmore, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Analysts for the Bowden Investment Group (BIG), spearheaded the inaugural BIG Stock Pitch Competition, marking a significant milestone as BIG's premier external event. This event allowed student-managed investment funds nationwide to showcase stocks they deemed promising, integrating fundamental analysis and ESG concerns.

After a thorough selection process, where every member of the Bowden Investment Group reviewed and scored team submissions, three standout teams surfaced, each presenting compelling investment cases. These presentations seamlessly integrated ESG considerations with traditional fundamental analysis. As a result of their exceptional performance, these teams earned the opportunity to showcase their pitches before the Bowden Investment Group and a distinguished panel of judges. Their presentations not only demonstrated their financial understanding but also highlighted their detailed understanding of the connections between ESG factors and investment decision-making.

The final round was held via Zoom, with participants delivering presentations that demonstrated their depth of research and understanding of their respective companies. A distinguished panel of judges, to whom we extend our heartfelt gratitude, generously contributed their expertise and time to the competition. Dr. Goff, renowned for his development of the Bowden Investment Group and academic background at Appalachian State, along with Joshua Jarrett, the Director of Research for Counterpoint Global, and Dr. McNeil, the Alfred T. Adams Professor of Banking at Appalachian State University, provided invaluable insights throughout the evaluation process. They evaluated submissions based on a multitude of criteria encompassing the effectiveness of each team’s presentation, valuation, ESG analysis, analysis of the industry and its competitors, and more.

Despite the challenges posed by the remote format, competitors exhibited resilience and adaptability, further proving the significance of their commitment to the competition. Of the three teams that presented, Whitworth University earned first place and a cash prize of $750, Loras College was awarded second place and a cash prize of $500, and East Tennessee State University received third place and a cash prize of $250. The competition, along with many of our other activities, was graciously sponsored by Dennis Covington, a Managing Director of Savant Wealth Management. The group is very grateful for his generosity and support.

AJ Patton, the CEO of 548 Enterprise, was the competition’s keynote speaker. Mr. Patton discussed his experience in the finance industry, the challenges he faced along the way to reach his goals and valuable career advice. The audience learned a lot from his experiences and was very grateful for his time.

This event offered invaluable learning opportunities for the Bowden Investment Group members. It provided first-hand exposure to the many different approaches adopted by other institutions in preparing and delivering stock pitch presentations, as well as how to evaluate them. Beyond stock pitch evaluation, the competition also served as a practical lesson for the ESG Analysts overseeing the event, sharpening their skills in managing logistical aspects related to both internal coordination and external engagements. Coordinating arrangements within the group and with participating teams proved to be a challenging yet rewarding task. Moreover, the event allowed BIG students to expand their comprehension of various investment strategies, contrasting them with their own approaches, thereby promoting a richer understanding of the investment landscape.

The competition provided the Bowden Investment Group, as well as the teams who submitted, with many learning opportunities. This is one of the very few competitions to highlight ESG as one of the main components of stock analysis. The graduating students from the Bowden Investment Group are excited to see how the coming classes continue and grow the competition as a whole. 

For additional information regarding the BIG Stock Pitch Competition, please contact Reece Fisher or Brianna Gilmore at and, respectively.

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Published: May 30, 2024 9:10am