Careers and Internships

There are many great opportunities in finance, banking and insurance, from corporate finance to investments to risk management and a lot of things in between. The links below provide information that can help you reach your career goals.

Career Development -- Suggested Action Items

The success of a long journey often depends on wise planning beforehand, whether that journey be a vacation or a person's career. Learn more about the action items we suggest you consider as a part of your own proactive career development.

Career Paths in Finance

There are many great careers in finance & banking. Selecting a particular career path, however, can be a difficult decision for most of us. As an important step, we suggest that you gather information about potential opportunities and required qualifications.

Risk Management and Insurance

Risk management and insurance is an exciting field. The Brantley Center is here to support students with their career planning and placement.


An internship or other work experience that provides practical experience in your profession of choice can do a lot to advance your career prospects. We strongly encourage you to seek out an internship.

Internships for Credit

To intern for academic credit, students must be enrolled full-time at Appalachian State University, admitted to the College of Business, a junior or senior, and in good academic standing. They will have completed all business core and major courses deemed necessary to satisfactorily complete an internship. Students must enroll into and pay tuition for the internship.