CFA Teams

Broyhill Fellows

Each year four to five members are selected from the Bowden Investment Group to participate in the annual CFA Research Challenge. The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. Students work with a mentor and are tested on their ability to value a stock, write an analyst report, and present their recommendations.

The Bowden Invesment Group has made a name for itself competing with top schools around the country. The BIG Broyhill Fellows Team has had great success in this challenge. Each year the group competes with some of the top business schools in the nation, some of which are composed of graduate students. Appalachian has become the "school to beat" in the NC CFA Research Challenge and we look forward to continuing this legacy in the future. 

Learn more about the history of the Broyhill name and read recent news posts about the Bowden Investment Group.

CFA Challenge Teams


BIG CFA 2024

Left to right: Maximus Pavone,  Ashley Meacham, Derek Mahato, Brianna Gilmore, Corbin Lammers

North Carolina Champions & Southeast U.S. Subregional Champions



Left to right: David Price, McKenzie Shail, Jimmy Said, and Charlotte Rice

North Carolina Second Runner-Up



Left to right: Zack Marciniak, Hailey Shoesmith, Zane Clark, and Brandy Crump

North Carolina Champions & Southeast U.S. Subregional Champions



Left to right: Zach Stowell, Sean James, Obi Ludwig, Sam Crouse, and Olivia Guillebeau

North Carolina Champions, Southeast U.S. Subregional Champions, Americas Regional Champions, & Global Top 5



Left to right: David Franco, Nathan Hughes, Ana Melone, and Jacob Wiley

North Carolina Champions


Left to right: Andrew Crumpler, Neil Agnew, Madeline Hamiter, and Josh Lee

North Carolina Champions


Left to right: Jeff Bennett, John Miller, Andrew Hanley, Daniel Sullivan & Amalia Milles

North Carolina First Runner Up


Left to right: Charles Plummer, Mac Shelton, Hollie Brown, Jarrett Jacumin, & John Mosser

North Carolina Champions


Left to Right: Andrew Johnson, Darrow Goff, Amanda Carter, MacGregor Shepard, Aaron Martschenko

North Carolina Champions


Left to Right: Caitlin Owings, Matt Wine, Nathan Birmingham, and Brett Featherstone

North Carolina Champions


Left to Right: Zach Lavasque, Cameron Newell, Madison Bigham, Jack Bishop, Clark Featherstone

North Carolina Champions


Left to Right: Dan Alliss, Jack Gibbs, Ellen Morgan, Alan Clarke, Matthew Vanek

North Carolina Champions


Left to Right: Daniel Favitta, Ethan Foster, Eric McTeir, David Jones, William Strausbaugh

North Carolina Champions


Not Pictured: David Emery, Bryan Lazenby, PA Rowe, Chris Wexler, Jesse Whitaker

North Carolina Third Runner Up


Not Pictured

North Carolina First Runner Up


Seated: Bixby Stewart, Taylor Boyle; Standing: Marshall Hargrave, Chris Simmons; Not pictured: Josh Gates

North Carolina Champions